(2020/23) Mgmt: ALCFX

Among the countless negative consequences arising from the pandemic, luckly, there has been an enormous positive outcome. I’m referring to my experience as a controller and administrative coordinator of the ALCFX business unit, born within the cooperative Doc Servizi (the company I have happily worked for over 6 years).

The ALCFX project consists of a team of technicians and creatives led by Andrea Leanza and Denise Boccacci, both experts in makeup design, sculpture, and, above all, prosthetic makeup. Alongside my colleagues, I witnessed the inception and dynamic growth of this ambitious project, and in the final year of our collaboration, I contributed to the team’s efforts in bringing to life projects like Wilhelm Tell by Nick Hamm, Nuovo Olimpo by Fernan Ozpetek, and the TV series L’amica Geniale 4.

Over the years, experiencing and overcoming challenges with the ALCFX team has made me a stronger person and, undoubtedly, a more well-rounded professional.

If the ALCFX project deeply and passionately engaged me, simultaneously, in my role as a project manager for Doc Servizi, I had the pleasure of actively participating in two editions of Effectus, the Italian special effects makeup fair. I conceived and curated two panels in the 2021 and 2022 editions.

Below are the photos from the event and the video documenting the inaugural edition.
Please enjoy it and feel free to drop me a line with your thoughts!

Edition 2022:

Edition 2021: