MANAGEMENT: Fabrizio Savino

Born in Bari in 1981 Fabrizio Savino is one of Italy’s most interesting jazz musicians.
In 2009 Fabrizio published his first album “Metropolitan Prints” featuring Luca Aquino which received good reviews in Italy and abroad.

In 2010-2011, Fabrizio attended various seminars at “Tuscia in Jazz”, studying and playing with: Dado Moroni, Antonio Sanchez, Tony Monaco, David Liebman, Eddie Gomez, Flavio Boltro and working as assistant of Kurt Rosenwinkel.

In the same period Fabrizio moved to New York where he shared the stage with some of the best musicians in the local scene and attended various other masterclasses with: Joe Diorio, John Scofield, Mike Stern, Dario Deidda, Peter Bernstein and Mike Moreno.

His second album, entitled Aram (Alfamusic), was released in 2012. This recording includes the presence of some of the best musicians of the Italian jazz scene: Enrico Zanisi, Luca Alemanno e Dario Congedo, and was widely reviewed in jazz and music magazines all over the world.

In January 2016, his new album, Gemini, is released with A.MA Records. This recording marks a significant step in his artistic career where he challenges himself with one of the most difficult ensembles in music: the guitar trio, which features Luca Alemanno on double bass and Gianlivio Liberti on drums.

During his career he has shared the stage with some of the greatest artists of the jazz scene such as: Flavio Boltro, Antonello Salis, Luca Aquino, Vladimir Kostadinovic, Pippo Matino, Luca Alemanno, Joel Holmes, Mirko Signorile, Henry Cook, Gaetano Partipilo and many others playing in many jazz clubs and festivals around Europe including: Petrovac Jazz Festival, Locus Festival, Jazzit Festival, Bari in Jazz, Locomotive Jazz Festival and Bremen Jazz Festival.

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