(2015/17) Mgmt: MISSION FORMOSA

Due to the close and fraternal friendship that links me with to musicians Giuseppe Bassi and Gaetano Partipilo, from 2015 to 2017, I had the pleasure of managing – for the first time, I must say! – a musical ensemble. The mentioned project was called Mission Formosa, a jazz music initiative led by both Italian and Taiwanese musicians created with the purpose of forging a connection between these two distant countries (Italy and Taiwan, naturally).

Throughout the existence of Mission Formosa, four unforgettable tours came to life, two within Italy and two spanning Taiwan and Hong Kong. Additionally, the band had the honor of sharing the stage with renowned jazz musicians such as Gegè Telesforo, Roberto Ottaviano, and Enrico Rava. Reflecting on it today, Mission Formosa stands out as one of my most enjoyable and intellectually stimulating professional experiences!

Oh! Thanks to my reliable webmaster (my guardian angel, really!), we’re excited to revive the original website of the currently inactive band. If you have a love for diving into modern jazz, feel free to explore!
Inside, you’ll find a wealth of good music!